【Floating cloud and water-Shushan Primary school】

  • Owner:Huzhou Wuxing South Taihu Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd

  • Location:Huzhou China

  • Area:50,014sqm

  • Function:Primary school

  • Date:2022-

  • Status:Under Construction

Most of the traditional schools tend to divide the space according to the function and arrange it in a combined way, which improves the efficiency of use to a certain extent, but limits the richness of the school form on a larger level. Because of the particularity of the plot, we adopted a relatively integrated design method, taking the whole campus building as a large whole, a smooth curve, connecting all the scattered basic teaching units together. While the smooth curve cuts through the base, a lot of interesting inner and outer and courtyard spaces are born. These spaces are arranged as public function blocks, just like streams running through the rocks, natural and smooth, A powerful visual symbol was born.

The smooth building body is divided into multiple levels horizontally. The physical fence and the hollowed out corridor form a continuous light shadow relationship on the facade, and the fence not only breaks the length of the continuous shape through the rhythmic overhang of parts, but also forms a sparkling dislocation on the facade, making the corridor form a changing outdoor activity place. The change of materials in different parts skillfully accommodates the external unit of the air conditioner, and also makes this unified order form the most representative language of the building.