【Endless light teahouse】

  • Owner:Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • Location:Quzhou China

  • Area:29.5sqm

  • Function:Device

  • Date:2021

  • Status:Completed

In the east wing of the entrance of the Tianwang Tower, the operator hopes to place a spiritual art installation serving as the keynote representation of the art gallery and specific functions. Minax Architects was invited to design and build this art installation, hoping to use its successful experience in connecting traditional culture and contemporary art to achieve a brand new energization and reformation of the site.

Light” is the design theme. “Light”, in the different philosophical and religious categories, is interpreted as the ultimate imagination of the future and represents the fleeting moment. If the light can be frozen-frame, the endless eternity will be obtained. Frozen-frame “endless light” becomes the design theme.

Translucent frosted acrylic and floating wood are used as a tool to freeze-frame “light”. A Matrix permutation wood pieces, inserted into the illuminated acrylic wall, forms a continuous emitting object of light. When the luminous object is implanted into the existing old building, a strong contrast is formed. Deep-shallow and solid-void are juxtaposed in the same space, like two parallel timelines that converge here and now.

This light game reproduces the nothingness with the solid, allowing people to temporarily estrange from the real world and experience the essential time element. It may be the nature of the world beyond all the secular appearances of culture and religion.