【Migration and Construction of Liutan Market】

  • Owner:Wuxi Huangxiang Construction Development Company

  • Location:Wuxi China

  • Area:10,615 sqm

  • Function:Market of Farm Producel

  • Date:2020-2022

  • Status:Completed

Taking "flower blooming" as the theme, it combines public buildings with urban cultural characteristics, so that ordinary buildings have better identification and broader cultural significance. The building is scattered from the middle to the surrounding. Through the high and low scattered roof, it forms the unique image of the whole building, and also reduces the sunshine impact on the surrounding buildings. The efficient plane layout of the building, combined with the lively artistic modeling, not only eliminates the irregular base state, but also meets the basic functional requirements of the building. We present all the rich changes in a simple way. The building not only improves the space quality of the whole block, but also blooms the bright light of human nature and city in the originally boring urban space through the construction of scene life and the combination of individual experience and collective consciousness.